Justin Flores Presents

Instructor's Takedown Masterclass

A training program for instructors on teaching effective takedowns, ensuring student safety, and improving your instructional skills to keep your students coming back.

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Bojan Dodik

The conceptual level of understanding and scaling of techniques from lowest complexity to highest, and least resistance to full, was perfect. I did not hesitate to attend and I'm glad I did not.

-Bojan Dodik | Ruthless Sports Academy, Jamaica

At first I was concerned that I would be out of my depth but I found that the instruction allows for people of varying abilities to learn and work together. I especially liked the emphasis on effective and safe training.

-Sean Brauer | Combatives Instructor in the Human Performance Cell at CANSOFCOM

Adam Bradley

By working with Justin, I've improved more in the last year and a half than I did in the previous eight years. I really recommend that anyone who has the chance should learn from Justin.

-Adam Bradley | The Arena, San Diego, CA

Steve Gable

It's incredible, I would recommend the Instructors Takedown Masterclass to anybody and I would definitely do it again.

-Steve Gable, San Diego, CA

Miha Perhavec, Legion American Jiu Jitsu

Anybody who has the ability to learn from Justin Flores should.

-Miha Perhavec, Legion American Jiu Jitsu

Are You Looking to Keep Your Students Safe, Motivated and Coming Back for More?

Many instructors struggle when it comes to teaching takedowns to their students. High-level Jiu Jitsu instructors often lack training in judo and wrestling, which are crucial for mastering the finer points of takedowns and throws.

Gaps in this knowledge can result in student injuries and decreased motivation, which leads many students to give up on the sport.

One of the challenges of being a great instructor is ensuring that you're continuously becoming a better educator. There's always room for improvement, and your methods for passing on information can make all the difference in creating an engaged, thriving, and loyal student base.

To help your students reach their full potential, you need to continually refine your teaching methods and adapt to evolving challenges.

Your teaching abilities require more than just conventional training methods. You need a proactive and deliberate approach to mastering and teaching complex techniques.

If you are:

  1. Looking for new ways to teach takedowns to all skill levels.
  2. Want to keep your students safe and excited.
  3. Aiming to grow your reputation as an instructor.
  4. Seeking to fill the gaps in your knowledge of judo and wrestling.
  5. Committed to ongoing professional development.

...then you need a comprehensive resource that helps you systematically and purposefully grow your teaching methods.

Instructor's Takedown Masterclass Testimonials

Learn to masterfully teach takedowns from a former USA Judo Olympic team head coach.

  • Efficient Teaching Techniques: Discover techniques that enable your students to take down opponents effectively, while minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Health and Safety: Implement methods that ensure your students remain healthy and injury-free during all training scenarios.
  • Clear Instruction: Gain insights into breaking down complex moves into easy-to-understand steps for your students.
  • Student Retention: Create a safe and engaging learning environment that encourages students to keep coming back.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Elevate your status as an instructor by mastering the art of teaching takedowns and throws with precision.
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Instructor's Takedown Masterclass

The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass is an exclusive compilation of 57 live recordings from the JFlo Takedown Mastermind Summit, a live event where the best instructors on the planet came together to learn how to improve their takedowns.

  • Improve Teaching Techniques

    Learn advanced methods to effectively communicate complex techniques, ensuring your students grasp and master every move.

  • Student Safety and Retention

    Implement effective strategies that prioritize student safety, keeping them motivated and significantly reducing dropout rates.

  • Refine Your Training Curriculum

    Enhance your curriculum with well-structured, comprehensive training modules that cater to varying skill levels and maximize student progress.

Unlock your students' potential and fuel the long-term success of your gym.

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  • "Justin has learned to integrate wrestling, judo and Jiu Jitsu and articulate it in a way that an instructor of any level can take and integrate into their academy. I've been given the skills to be able to integrate something into my club, not just for me to learn personally, but something I can learn and rearticulate back into my school and make it part of the curriculum and give my students a new advantage."

    Robbie Singh Gracie Jiu Jitsu Burwood | Melbourne, Australia
  • "Justin is doing a lot for safety overall in training and putting together clean and digestible standup systems. The systems he's building can really integrate well into people's styles and we really need it in the Jiu Jitsu world. I couldn't recommend it enough to everybody. It's the best standup training that I've probably ever been a part of."

    Nathan Orchard 10th Planet Seattle | Seattle, WA
  • "Justin Flores has figured out a method of training takedowns which is second to none. I've trained at other gyms where people were getting hurt and I wasn't learning a whole lot. By working with Justin, I've improved more in the last year and a half than I did in the previous eight years. I really recommend that anyone who has the chance to learn from Justin should take it."

    Adam Bradley The Arena | San Diego, CA

What's Inside

The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass offers 57 in-depth video lessons from our live 3-day event, providing you with the essential tools to teach effective takedowns. Here’s what you’ll get:

Comprehensive Curriculum

Detailed video lessons cover essential aspects of Jiu Jitsu, including falling, approach, positions, and attacks. Follow a well-rounded curriculum that integrates drills, simulations, and live exercises, ensuring students grasp fundamental concepts, prioritize safety, and can apply them in real scenarios.

Compartmentalized Training Drills

Structured approaches which break down complex moves into manageable drills. Like links in a chain, each drill isolates important movements, building a strong foundation for mastering complete techniques.

Elite Q&A Sessions

Watch high-level instructors like PJ Barch (ADCC Medalist), Robby Donofrio (ADCC Veteran), and Max Schneider (Judo National Champion & Division I wrestler) learning and refining their techniques. Observing these elite experts navigate the same learning process provides you with valuable insights and demonstrates the effectiveness of the techniques, making it beneficial for your own instructional development.

Practical Testing Sessions

Witness practical testing sessions where instructors teach the group new skills they've just learned and receive valuable peer feedback. In these sessions, instructors demonstrate techniques while the rest of the class observes and provides constructive critiques. This process allows you to learn from both the instruction and the feedback given, offering a unique perspective on teaching methods. You'll benefit from seeing how other instructors are critiqued, helping you refine your own teaching approach.

Student Safety Techniques

Learn methods to keep your students safe while training and executing takedowns. Implement strategies that prioritize safety, reducing the risk of injury and maintaining student motivation.

Innovative Game-Based Learning

Utilize game-based learning to make training engaging and effective. Through ecological gameplay, students learn to navigate and excel in various positions, enhancing their practical skills.

Your Instructor

I'm Justin Flores.

I've had the honor of coaching the 2020 USA Olympic team, training three UFC World champions, and securing the title of three-time USA Judo national champion. I'm also a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

Throughout my career, I've been passionate about martial arts and even more passionate about helping others unlock their full potential.

After retiring from competition, I was persuaded by Ronda Rousey to become her Judo coach. Reluctantly, I agreed, and over time, I discovered a talent for distilling complex techniques into clear, concise information that athletes can easily understand and apply.

As my coaching career advanced, I realized that my reach was limited. I couldn't train as many people as I wanted to on a personal level. That's when I knew I needed to find a way to share my knowledge more broadly, especially with other instructors who can then pass it on to their students.

My goal is to change the meta of Jiu Jitsu to incorporate more Judo throws and wrestling takedowns. I believe this approach makes the sport more well-rounded and safer for everyone involved. The best way to reach the most people is to teach teachers, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to pass on to their students.

I created the Instructor's Takedown Masterclass to bring my 36 years of coaching and competing at the highest levels to instructors around the world. This masterclass offers a unique perspective on the sport and provides advanced techniques and strategies to enhance your teaching methods.

Seeing my students succeed has always been the most gratifying part of my career. Now, I want to extend that success to you and your students. Through this masterclass, I aim to help you transform your teaching, improve student retention, and elevate the performance of your entire gym.

Join me in the Instructor's Takedown Masterclass, and let's take your coaching to the next level.

Justin Flores - JFLO Grappling Academy
  • 2020 USA Olympic Team Coach
  • 3X UFC World Champion Coach
  • 3X USA Judo National Champion
  • Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
  • Former Division 1 Wrestler (University of Nebraska)

Instructor's Takedown Masterclass Testimonials

Instructor's Takedown Masterclass is for you if...

  • You want to enhance your ability to teach precise and effective takedown techniques.
  • You are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of your students during training.
  • You aim to improve student retention by providing high-quality, engaging instruction.
  • You wish to develop a deeper understanding of positional awareness and strategic gameplay.
  • You are looking to integrate advanced Judo and wrestling techniques into your Jiu Jitsu curriculum.
  • You desire to create a thriving, injury-free training environment that promotes consistent progress.
  • You aspire to learn from and incorporate the insights of world-class grapplers and high-level black belts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass is designed for Jiu Jitsu instructors seeking to refine their teaching skills and incorporate advanced takedown techniques into their curriculum.

    It’s ideal for those looking to improve student safety, retention, and engagement while mastering the art of teaching Judo throws and wrestling takedowns.

    Whether you're an experienced instructor feeling inadequate in certain areas or a high-level practitioner aiming to fill gaps in your knowledge, this masterclass provides the tools and insights to elevate your teaching methods and create a well-rounded, effective training environment.

  • The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass is an exclusive recording of the 3-day event and provides the same high-quality instruction and insights.

    You’ll have access to all the valuable content, including detailed demonstrations, interactive Q&A sessions, and practical testing segments where instructors teach and receive peer feedback.

    This format allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit key lessons anytime, ensuring you don't miss any crucial information. By seeing high-level instructors like PJ Barch, Robby Donofrio, and Max Schneider engage with the material, you'll gain unique perspectives and practical techniques that can be directly applied to your teaching.

    The live event cost $5,000 to attend, making this masterclass a cost-effective way to access elite level training.

  • The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass will infuse your teaching methods with new energy, ensuring that your students stay motivated, engaged, and safe.

    By mastering precise and effective takedown techniques, incorporating advanced Judo and wrestling moves, and prioritizing student safety, you'll create a positive and dynamic learning environment. This approach builds trust and enthusiasm among your students, leading to higher retention rates and a thriving training community.

  • The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass stands out for several reasons:

    Elite Coaching: Led by Justin Flores, a renowned coach with extensive experience, the masterclass features insights from top-level instructors and high-level grapplers such as PJ Barch, Robby Donofrio, and Max Schneider, providing invaluable expertise and diverse perspectives.

    Comprehensive Curriculum: The masterclass offers detailed video lessons that cover essential aspects of Jiu Jitsu, including falling, approach, positions, and attacks, along with innovative game-based learning and ecological gameplay strategies.

    Practical Testing and Feedback: Unique practical testing sessions allow instructors to teach newly learned skills and receive peer feedback, providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

    Focus on Safety and Retention: Emphasis on student safety and well-being, helping you create a secure and motivating training environment that improves student retention.

    Judo and Wrestling Integration: The masterclass integrates advanced Judo and wrestling techniques into the Jiu Jitsu curriculum, making your teaching more well-rounded and effective.

    These elements combine to offer a comprehensive and unique learning experience that enhances your teaching methods and elevates your students' skills.

  • Absolutely. The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass offers immense value for instructors looking to elevate their teaching skills. Here’s why it's worth the investment:

    Proven Value: The live event cost $5,000 to attend, but you can access the same high-quality content and expert instruction for just $597 with this masterclass recording.

    Led by Justin Flores: Guided by Justin Flores, a seasoned coach with over 36 years of experience. Justin has coached the 2020 USA Olympic team, trained three UFC World champions, and is a three-time USA Judo national champion. As a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, he excels at distilling complex techniques into clear, actionable steps, aiming to revolutionize Jiu Jitsu instruction by integrating safer, more effective Judo throws and wrestling takedowns.

    Student Retention: By implementing the strategies and techniques learned, you'll enhance student safety, motivation, and engagement, leading to improved retention rates.

    Long-term Benefits: The skills and knowledge you acquire will not only improve your immediate teaching methods but also contribute to the long-term success and growth of your gym.

    Investing in this masterclass is an investment in your professional development, your students' progress, and the overall success of your martial arts program.

  • The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass includes comprehensive video lessons that cover essential aspects of Jiu Jitsu, such as falling, approach, positions, and attacks.

    You'll find compartmentalized training drills that break down complex moves into manageable parts, making it easier to teach and master these techniques.

    The masterclass also features interactive Q&A sessions with high-level instructors, practical testing sessions for real-time feedback, student safety techniques, and innovative game-based learning methods.

    Additionally, you'll have access to exclusive insights from Justin Flores, a seasoned coach with extensive experience in Judo and Jiu Jitsu, and his approach to integrating Judo throws and wrestling takedowns into Jiu Jitsu training.

  • Once you purchase the Instructor's Takedown Masterclass, you will have lifetime access to the course materials. This means you can revisit the videos, lessons, and resources at any time, ensuring you can continually refine your teaching techniques and stay updated with the content.

  • Absolutely. The Instructor's Takedown Masterclass is designed to equip you with a comprehensive set of techniques and strategies that you can directly implement into your own curriculum.

    Think of this masterclass as taking a gondola up a mountain instead of having to climb it. It offers you a streamlined, efficient path to mastering advanced techniques and building a robust curriculum, saving you years of trial and error.

    Additionally, completing this masterclass is a step towards becoming a JFLO certified instructor through our affiliate program, further enhancing your teaching credentials and reputation.