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What You Get

As a JFLO Academy student, you get unlimited access to our library of over 100 training videos as well as mentorship and guidance from JFLO himself!

Train Anywhere, Anytime.

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, easy-access training program so you can train wherever, whenever. Whether your at home or in your training facility, you can get champion level training from Justin Flores on any device.

100's of Lessons
at Your Fingertips

Each JFLO program has been designed with your progress in mind. From your user portal, you can access all our programs. Follow a specific lesson or learn individual moves. Each lesson builds on the last so your progress is guaranteed!


We want to keep our pricing as affordable as possible so you can get the training you need without breaking the bank! That’s why we’ve design two simple all-access pricing tiers for you to choose from – a Monthly or Annual rate.

  • $ 30
    Per Month
  • Month-To-Month
    • $30 monthly payment
    • Cancel Membership at Anytime
    • Full access all month long
  • $ 20
    Per Month
    • One-time payment of $240
    • Full access for 12 months