Ronda Rousey

Olympic Bronze Medalist (JUDO) | 8x MMA World Champion (UFC & Strikeforce) | WWE Superstar
“I can’t say enough about Justin Flores. When first starting judo I remember watching him fight and for the first time thinking it looked like dancing. The effortlessness of his movements was something I so badly wanted to grasp. I could see he understood something I didn’t, and basically wanted to fight him as much as possible hoping with every time he slammed...
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me to the mat that some of that Je ne sais quoi would rub off on me. I was such an obsessive tag along he started calling me “ankle biter” I would try to fight him every round of practice, I would never give up trying to throw him even if I was already lying on the ground trying to pull him down with me. We ended up on world teams and tours together. I cried my eyes out when I saw him get screwed out going to the Olympics with me. When I made my way to MMA, everyone in judo scoffed at my goals – but not Justin. As a wrestling California state champion he had an intimate understanding of how judo translates to the no gi world of MMA. I knew he was the only person out there that could teach me at the highest level of such a young sport. He’s such an amazing athlete it’s hard to believe he’s become an even better coach – but he has. Justin’s not just talented but technical, he innovates constantly and still has the ability to physically push the athletes he trains – he teaches not just through theory but application and demonstration. It’s kinda funny to watch him work harder now than he ever has – he takes coaching more seriously than he did being an athlete and it shows. I believe it’s because Justin cares, he has the biggest heart and wants the absolute best for his athletes. For himself, well he can do a weeklong training camp in Spain and then spend 12 hours eating and drinking at Don Burrito before heading to training camp in France (true story, I left, took a 5 hour nap, came back and he was still eating nachos, drinking beer, and he was just getting started) But when responsible for an athlete he’s achieved a whole new level of professionalism and commitment that I am sure is going to lead to him being remembered as one of the best coaches of all time.”

Nick Delpopolo

2x Olympian (JUDO)
“Justin Flores understands that no two athletes are alike and rather than making everyone conform to the same system, he has the unique ability to adjust to the athletes he is coaching and improve the skills that are most effective for THEIR competitive success. He has a new online teaching academy, www.JFLOAcademy.com and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life...
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High quality instructional from different angles, that is extremely user friendly, can be viewed on any device, broken down and explained in depth. Hundreds of hours of Judo, BJJ, and Wrestling for all levels. You only get one career. Don’t get trapped into changing your game to please certain people. Look for a program that develops what YOU are best at. I highly recommend signing up. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Darrion Caldwell

Former Bellator MMA World Champion | NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion
“Justin Flores got a great approach to martial arts. His wrestling, judo, Jiu jitsu blend is extremely fluid. His ability to navigate you through a series of attacks and also win “scrambles” is elite. If you have the chance, I suggest you learn from Justin! ”

Keenan Cornelius

Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
“I’ve been teaching grappling for a long time and no one has shown me just how much more there is to learn than Justin Flores, the man is a cornucopia of technique and strategic knowledge. Anyone with the means should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from one of America’s greatest coaches.”

Jeremy Stephens

33x UFC veteran
“Justin is an amazing coach and not only that but a great man of example. Justin’s wrestling and great ability to see things in correct movement is always kept his growing evolving day to day wrestling. It’s incredible to learn from a man of real experience. Much grateful 🙏🏽”

Jason Herzog

MMA Referee | Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
“As with many high-level coaches, Justin brings a wealth of competition and teaching experience. A major advantage in Justin’s system is how effectively intertwined his system is with multiple grappling disciplines. With Justin you have the advantage learning of high-level Judo and wrestling fundamentals that all feed your submission techniques. Whether your background is wrestling, Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu the benefit of having someone who has applied and thought athletes at the very highest level in multiple disciplines streamline techniques is simply put, a cheat-code to your advancement...
As with many high-level coaches, Justin brings a wealth of experience as a competitor, coach, and trainer. A major advantage with Justin is his expertise in multiple disciplines and application of that expertise to his students as a coach and trainer.  This has allowed Justin to streamline a system filling gaps wrestlers may have with Judo, Judokas may have with wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu practitioners with standing techniques. In MMA Justin is able to merge his grappling system and insights as a competitor to provide his athletes with a significant advantage over signal area specialists.

Chase Zollman

Current starting 141 lbs. for the University of Wyoming (Wrestling) | 2020 NCAA Division Qualifier | 4x California High School state Place-winner | 6x All-American
“I started to work with Justin Flores my freshman year of high school. I was the 2nd string wrestler on my wrestling team and wanted to bring my wrestling skills to the next level in order to reach my goals in the sport. Not only was Justin Flores good at picking out flaws and mistakes in my wrestling,but showed me good techniques that...
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work at the highest levels. I worked with Justin Flores every week in order to perfect the techniques I already used, and to gain knowledge of position, movement, and other techniques. With the work of Justin Flores, I won the starting spot on my wrestling team and placed at the California State Championships. I kept working with Justin Flores throughout my high school wrestling career. With his help, I placed at state every year in high school along with becoming nationally ranked. Now that I am in college, I still make the effort to work with Justin Flores as much as possible when I have time off from training with my team. I was able to implement one of the techniques he showed me in order to win my NCAA qualifying match. I look up to Justin for his knowledge in the sport of wrestling, along with his wisdom of life. I owe a great deal of my previous success in the sport of wrestling to Justin, along with my future successes.

Matt Netterville

Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
“I met Justin Flores as a 26-year-old 230 lb. meathead. I thought lifting heavy and being strong would mean that I could fight better. Justin very quickly changed my thought process. I couldn’t comprehend how a guy so much smaller than me could throw me across the room and dominate me in every aspect of grappling. In the 5 years he was in the Philadelphia area he hit me...
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with about 2000 armbars and even more takedowns. I knew I found the perfect coach and that my game could only grow if I hung around this guy. 12 years later, and despite my coach moving cross country I am now a Bjj black belt.Along my journey I have been constantly texting or calling Justin about some detail I am missing in wrestling, judo or Bjj.He is a walking encyclopedia of grappling knowledge.   When he came out with his virtual school, I instantly became excited.  I could now train again with my coach despite living 3000 miles away.Justin’s academy offers so much amazing content for Bjj, wrestling, MMA and judo, I highly recommend everyone from all levels to check out his content.GAME CHANGING!!!!

Gabriel Mendes

Junior World Judo Medalist
“I met J.Flo since I moved from Brazil to San Diego, I could see on his class the knowledge not just on the classic Judo take down game, but also his knowledge on others grappling and martial arts, once he has background in wrestling and got his black belt in Jiu Jitsu, makes his game so complete, so he could help improve my game in some ways the traditional coach couldn’t. So from top to bottom he is a complete coach!...